October 15, 2012


Since today I got back home earlier, I will write a short post just to not neglecting my blog where I promised  myself to try and blog at least one week once.

As usual, today is just another day of working life! Still so busy even though is already middle of the month.
FYI, my workload is on the peak when it comes to the beginning of the month or month end where the financial cut off month happens. That's explains why I am here blogging today. :)

oh yes, about my weekend. I had a great weekend with my family, a more relaxing weekend.I enjoyed every moment of my weekends without wasting it cause weekends passes so fast! :(

Talk about weekends, it reminds me of this! MY FUTURE HUSBAND WILL BE A PLAYER!!
This is what the stupid fortune telling website's prediction!
Last Sunday when I was taking my lunch and my bro said, eh..got something interesting which you might love to hear..I was like oh..Fortune telling website! Yeap yeap I am most likely very interested on this kind of thing, for most of you who knows me, you can guess it.
This is what mommy always said, nothing better to do, creating problems to myself.
So, we straight headed upstairs, to my bro's room and spend the whole afternoon sitting there and reading those.

For some of you who curious to know, this is the link -->http://fate.windada.com/cgi-bin/fate
So, this it is, summarized of mine
According to the "expert" from the website, he says my husband will be a rich guy, successful, handsome (which not applicable to Lewis Leong), How I wish he could stops until here.

sociable and drinkable (which also not applicable to Lewis Leong) and is a PLAY BOY and HAMSAP! (I straight away spotted Lewis Leong and scan from his top to bottom. hmm...a play boy! Might be, who knows in future when I am no longer a pretty Lynn and he is still that young based on guy maturity graph, above 35 guys are all better looking, career wise and rich! How sad on this for all the girls/women in this world, so unfair!).

Therefore, from here, I can conclude that Lewis Leong will NOT be my future husband. *keke*

and please, before I forgot this, you know what my sis got, she will have an educated rich helpful husband in future which is totally so contrast to mine! T.T Good for her also lah since I got no chance, at least our family still have one which is good one since me same with my bro, not good in marriage life. HAHAHHA..

So me and my sis joked and concluded this, hahahaha...
Lynn Kang's future husband can be find at Geylang's street, simply just pick one will do and Lydia Kang's husband will be a PhD! LOL!

P/s: To Lydia, please go find your husband in some famous accounting firm, law firm or hospital please! HAHAHAH!

I am so happy that at least my career is not too bad according to the "expert" and others like health, wealth, friends, parents are all good! some sort of balance my bad for my marriage life. T.T  Try to cheat myself on this.hehehehhe...Even good news, 3 of us have a good career and wealth! hahahahha..I wish this is true ar!

So that's all for today.
Before I off to bed, share with you guys my collections.

 Tada! *LOVE*

 To be honest, I have even more which I didn't included in this picture!

P/S: Not buying cosmetic anymore! Stop Stop Stop!!! Saving plan starts! *finger crossed* I hope this succeeds though it's hard for me. :D

October 7, 2012

Start to Blog Again

I'm gonna start blogging again!! Ever since I started work in KL, I stopped blogging due to I really lack of time and also don't have any special things to blog about cause KL life is all about work and work and work and back to home sleep! That's all.

My Saturday ended up so relaxing compared to Sunday which is quite pack.
Morning, we went to my friend's convocation and had some friends' gathering at our old school. Not quite actually my school, part of my U only. After that, we went Sunway to have some shopping cause here, except shopping, there is nothing else to do unless you have lots of friends here which I have not. Since we gonna choose present for Sophie, so we had a short shopping at Sunway and I bought my make up base from The Face Shop too! <3>

So here's the picture of us holding flowers for our friend!
She is too popular until we waited for her so long for photos! haha!
But I feel that she is so pretty on that day. :)
I haven got any of the photos with her until she uploaded on Fb.
Sorry, still two of us in this photos cause all my friends insist not to take photo with me. =.=

Ok,now I am gonna blog about my whole busy Sunday event here.It's quite a pack Sunday. I have 3 events to go on.The first one was my nephews' concert at MPAJ! Sorry, don't have any photos on this yet since my sis is the one who took those photos, I am the one just sitting there enjoying their performance. It's soooo cute all of them. I guess I really need to give a BIG thumps up to the teachers! I really respect their patience against those Monsters! But I guess today they were all Angles cause they really did a great job! I will post the photos after I got it from my sis.

Now, the second event is Sophie's birthday party!
We had a very hard time choosing her birthday present yesterday but I feel so gland that she likes it. It's actually some sort like a winter coat, is actually a winter coat which those Hong Kong artist likes to wear it!  I feel it's cool if wear it with a cute sun glass for her.HAHA!

Here's is the picture of she wearing the coat. It's a bit too big for her now cause there is no smaller size for black colour, only left the white one which we don't quite like it. So, we decided to choose this one since she will grow big and when that time comes, she can wear it perfectly. Her mom suggested that she could wear it on the next year winter session since they going to move on to Australia next year, hopefully that time will suite her more.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sophie!
Wish you grow prettier and happier always :)

 Here's is the picture of us with her! My sis said she become prettier now! :)

So the last event was actually another birthday celebration with my uncle's relative's daughter! So confusing so many relatives. @@ I even don't know which is which now! HAHA!

So we had our dinner at one of the Korea's Restaurant at Pandan Indah! It was so great great great!
To be honest, this is my first time having my Korea food. Sounds a bit Sua gu but it's true cause I always thought of Korea food are all vege and no meat but so expensive! Not dai at all lor..I am auntie ma..always go for cheap and nice food ma..hehe..and since this time got people belanja, so why not have a try and since this time I got no chance to go Korea with my family so I give Korea Food a chance! HAHA! But it didn't disappoint me, they came out really really really nice!

Here's are some pictures I took during our dinner. Sorry,I've forgotten the name of the restaurant.

They really given a lot of vege but they provides chicken too! And their chicken they cut into pieces which I don know why still very juicy and soft! Not like our home cook chicken meat when we cut it into pieces, they became very hard and dried. This are their nicest point of all!

 So this is the way how they eat. Korean people always like to wrap meat, or rice cake (Chao Nian Gao) or even rice into this lettuce and take it together. I feel it just like Japanese wrap seaweed with rice and called it as Sushi. But it turns out surprisingly very yummy!
This is just one of our family table. There is another of ours just back of us.
We have a Big family which I like when it comes to gathering, it's very fun with more people and enjoying food and laughter together :)

So my weekend ended up so fun and so pack with all activities until we barely cope it but I am so lucky to have a planner to decide everything for me so that I can just sit down and enjoy it.haha! so, credit to Lewis Leong for this! <3 p="p">

And yes, I have one more thing to post about! As I mentioned, my family went to Korea last week and guess what, they bought me a lot of facial products which I love!
I am gonna show one of my favorite of all the products here. 

It's a Cheek Stick!!
 I love it cause it came with a super CUTE packing and the most important thing is, it is very very convenient to use, just draw it on your cheek and it came with a super natural color which I love!! And guess what, they bought it RM28 only which I saw it RM49.90 here! SO cheap!

So that's all, off to bed now and tomorrow I will begin my Monday blue and the whole working cycle again!!
I wish to fast forward the 5 horrible days again!! Tata night~

April 17, 2011

Never Ever Neglects Your Blog
But I Did It!

December 31, 2010

Happy 2011!

During 2010..
I worked very very hard on my studies and had a great result on my last semester..
I graduated successfully with friends and family on my convocation..
I found a job and had learned a lot of new things from the company..
I met a guy during my LAST semester as it was so coincident cause I wanna be in relationship after my study finished..
I knew a lot of new friends and I appreciated them with love..
I played Mahjung with friends until morning 7am..we really did have fun..
I had lots of birthday celebrations and gathering with old friends and I never forget about them..
I attended cousin's wedding ceremony with joy, stayed together with those long-time-no-see relatives..I had learned a lot from them..
I went Shah Alam with dear and I met his parents, I'm glad that they were very friendly to me..
I had some misunderstanding with my best friend and got once, I even hate her..but..after thinking deeply, I forgive her cause I know that we have to forget people's mistake and remember their good forever..
and finally,
I had a great Chritsmas and New Year Eve with family and dear..
and and AND!!
I got to snap photo with Singapore Artists on New Year Eve just after our dinner at Portuguese Settlement!
潘玲玲 was so friendly! I feel that I love her more and she is even more beautiful compare when she is on the scene!
How Lucky I am!

Last year was really a great year for me..
I hope that this year,2011 would be a great year for me too! =)

Resolution that I haven achieve last year,
D plan would be carried forward to this year! I hope that I can gone down 5 kg!
Jiayou jiayou jiayou!!!
At first, Lewis Leong, please don't bring me for food again. thanks! =D


November 20, 2010


放工了就好累好累, 也没有心思去update blog。。
刚才去了好久没去的blogspot page, 才发现原来好多东东都改变了。。

也许, 太在乎是错的, 太交心,到头来还不是苦了自己。  
记得, 总有一些事,我们不愿它发生,却必须接受;
总有些东西,我们不想知道, 却必须了解; 
总有些人, 我们不能没有, 却必须学着放手。  
逃避不一定躲得过, 面对不一定最难受, 回头不一定最软弱。”

是的,总有些人, 我们不能没有, 却必须学着放手。。
也许, 太交心,到头来真的还不是苦了自己。。
他 每次劝我。。放手吧。。
就算你们没天天说话, 见面也没话说, 你们还是朋友啊。。


October 1, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

phew~here comes my last post of DiGi iPhone 4 the Win contest!

I guess I'll miss this contest so much because I really enjoying and had so much fun on blogging and editing those photos and most importantly, I had really learn a lot on iPhone4 and the beneficial offers from DiGi plans!! I guess I gonna change to DiGi soon cause it's really CHEAPER and with LOTS of FREE girfts!!

ok.here's the fourth question of  DiGi iPhone 4 the Win,

Write a blog post with the title, "DiGi iPhone 4 Life" and in my blog post must include a photo of myself with either ONE of the iPhone "frames" given.

I have edited a song (from Orianthi - According to You), specially for my lovely iPhone4!
readers, enjoy it with your music on. >.<

Blurlynn – According to me
According to me,
you're smart,
you're useful,
you can do anything right~

According to me,
You’re easy,
you’re beautiful,
Forever in my mind

You’re light in my pocket
Can show up on time,
Even if I’m in trouble,
According to me..according to me~

According to me,
You’re convenient,
You’re incredible,
You can’t get me out of my mind

According to me…
You’re lovely,
So advanced,
Everything I ever wanted
Everything is perfect,
I don’t feel like losing you,
So baby tell me what I got to lose.
You’re into me for everything I’m not
According to me~

As the song said,
with so many advantages of iPhone4,
I really so into it and I want it in my life!
it can help me solve a lot of my daily routine problems so easily!

Let you guys see what I got from DiGi yesterday?

A FREE  umbrella which I got when I was registering for DiGi!
and it was a lengzai (handsome guy) who gave it to me!! *blush*

*calculator replaced as iPhone first, when I get it, oni take a real iPhone photo* =p

Whenever there is DiGi,
There is always no worries..
Even if it is raining ,there is an Umbrella from DiGi too! :) 
how caring they are..

Always The Smarter Choice!

Finally, this is my last post and I had finished it on time!
Let's wish me Good Luck for an iPhone4!!

Thanks to nuffnang and DiGi  for giving me the chance to join this contest. 
I really enjoying the process of blogging and knowing a lot about DiGi and iPhone4. :)
Thanks and Good Luck everyone!! muack~ <3